About Us

Company Profile

SBX Marine is your project manager, consultant and go to person when you are purchasing a vessel. SBX Marine Group has expertise at the helm. Whether it’s a new build, or a refit SBX Marine is the company to facilitate all your marine related requirements.

SBX Marine Group was created as a venue to buy, sell, refit and build custom boats. SBX Marine Group specializes in locating boats and yachts in pristine condition throughout the world and placing them in the hands of the discerning buyer that wants the best product bundled with superlative support, and impeccable service. We deliver far more than your traditional boat / yacht dealer. When you work with SBX Marine you receive personalized service that goes well beyond the purchase and or sale of your boat. SBX Marine serves as your point of contact on any of your marine related needs. If you are looking for service, need simple or extensive repairs we make it a reality.

Building the perfect custom boat for the person that takes their boating serious is a cumbersome, and arduous task. Imagine if you could sit down with an individual and they can provide you with the step-by-step execution plan to build your perfect custom boat, and or refit your existing boat. The ability to have a trained professional in your corner to do the heavy lifting is worth its weight in platinum when dealing with a new build, refit or used purchase. It is our goal to provide our customers with as much information and knowledge to assist them in making a sound decision.

When you purchase a SBXMG Boat you will purchase a sense of security, knowing that you have purchased a vessel that has been heavily scrutinized with painstaking detail to insure that you have purchased the best boat for the money.